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Music video put together by a friend in the United States based on my song "Can I" which was written for the St Vincent de Paul Winter Sleepout in support of homeless people in Sydney. 4m 20sec.

Amanda's videos – Scroll to select and Click to watch

Patrician Brothers Bicentennial Mass

Patrician Brothers' Bicentenary

Video Highlights from Patrician Bros Bicentenary Mass

"Mary's Love Song"
Live Performance

Mary's Love Song, Live performance, St Vincent's, Redfern

Talk and
ance of
"Mary's Love Song"

"Can I?"
Live Performance

Can I> Live performance, Eastern Creek

Live Performance of "Can I?"

"Can I?"
Song for the Homeless

Can I?

Music Video:
"Can I?"

Blessed be
Our God

Blessed be Our God

Music Video:
"Blessed Be Our God"

WYD Cross and Icon at Parramatta

WYD Cross and Icon at Parramatta

Highlights from WYD Cross at Parramatta

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