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Please vote for me in the 2008 MusicOz Awards


I've entered one of my new songs in the 2008 MusicOz Awards competition and would really appreciate your support. You can find out more information by clicking the image below which will take you to the MusicOz awards website for full instructions about how to vote and to listen to the song.

Click here to vote for me!

Cheers, Milly smile smile smile

Posted on 04 Oct 2008 by Milly

Bicentennial Mass for the Patrician Brothers

Here is a four-minute video of highlights from the Celebration held at the State Sports Centre, Homebush Bay, on St Patrick's Day, 2008 for the 200th Anniversary of the Patrician Brothers. You can also find it on You Tube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEpAuzMgz1o

Bicentennial Mass for the Patrician Brothers
State Sports Centre, Homebush Bay, Sydney
St Patrick's Day, 17th March 2008..

Photos from the Bicentennial Mass

Posted on 19 Mar 2008 by Milly

Creating communities in cyberspace

This article was originally published on www.catholica.com.au.

Building communities through  cyberspace

In many ways the internet is turning into the revolution for our post-WWII generations that the birth of the motor car, the aeroplane and radio communications was for our parents' and grandparents' generations. Amanda McKenna almost lives in cyerbspace these days, as does her husband, the editor of Catholica, Brian Coyne. In separate ways a large part of their work today is focused on finding ways in which the net might be used in service of communicating the gospel message of Jesus and building mutually supportive communities. In this commentary, Milly relates two recent experiences that she has found uplifting…

Posted on 18 Jun 2007 by Milly

Googling around the world

Some recurring themes have been occupying the space directly under my nose of late and for the purposes of this discussion; two themes in particular. Always the most demanding and complex of the two is the call to mission: to be bearers of the Good News "to the ends of the earth". Nowadays, "the ends of the earth" has expanded to include a brand-new frontier cyberspace. Humanity has grown from the womb of creation to a point where 'parochial' has morphed into 'global', and it's all happening right under our noses. We haven't even begun to address the implications of this new global awareness, so there is much work to be done. The other recurring theme for me has been how we behave towards one another in this new global frontier. I see enormous potential here for being light-bearers and bringers of Good News. I have participated in cyberspace long enough to know that real hearts and minds lie behind the words on the screen. I've met many of these people and count them among some of my most treasured friends.

Posted on 18 Jun 2007 by Milly

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